Digging Deeper Into Crypto Assets: The Good Crypto Twitter Bots

Crypto twitter has become saturated with automated scam and spam bots over the past two years. The majority of these “bad” bots stemmed from the rise in Ethereum ICO popularity in mid 2017. The team at Duo Security published an excellent report on the anatomy and scale of these of bots. While Twitter has been working on this problem, as many as 15,000 bots have been found in the August 2018 report. To add to this mess, crypto twitter is flooded with fake accounts ran by bots pushing referral and phishing links as well as automated engagement (see XRP).

Through all this noise, a few developers have created some fantastic automated bots that publish data on wallet movement, block activity, market alerts, network statistics, and more. These bots may be useful for analysts, traders, and students looking to keep up with the rapid cryptoasset market space. For example, a bot that crawls blockchain data is able to flag large transactions from wallets to exchanges, signaling a potential action.

The bots are grouped into the following categories: blockchain data, market data, and Bitcoin.

Blockchain Data

Whale Alert: The Whale Alert bot crawls blockchain explorers and tracks large transaction activity across various networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS. It also provides stable coin activity including alerts when large amounts of coins are minted. Created by IamNomad.

A lot of activity on the Ripple network today…

BTC block bot: The BTC block bot tracks large movements on the Bitcoin blockchain. Data is sourced from blockchain.com.

Market Data

Bitcoin Total Bot: A simple bot that regularly tweets the price of Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash ABC. Created by armor123123.

Bitmex Bots: Bitmex Rekt is a bot that tracks large liquidations on Bitmex. Bitmex Whale, created by cryptopolis, tracks XBTUSD single market orders with a minimum of 3,000,000 contracts.

Mayer Multiple: A bot that tweets the daily mayer multiple (200 MA / BTCUSD). Created by Trace Mayer.

Coin Watcher Bot: A bot that tracks daily price movements from the top 100 coins on CoinMarketCap. Created bu Bruno Vieira.

Lightning Signals: This bot tracks social sentiment data on twitter. Along with hourly summaries, the bot tweets alerts when a specific asset spikes in sentiment levels.

Additional: Whale calls, Whale calls alts, 1satoshibot, cryptostatsbot, Ubiq ANN bot


BTC block bot: This bot is worth mentioning twice, a simple bot that tweets whale size transaction alerts. The fee for the $253M transaction below was $4.17.

A nice touch with the difficulty adjustment alert.

Bitcoin Experts: Created by Kyle Torpey, a bot that tracks when Bitcoin and Lightning network experts (mostly developers) post on reddit.

Big Blockers: A simple bot that tracks the price of Bitcoin + Bitcoin ABC in USD and BTC values.

It also follows twitter activity from notable large block proponents

Bitcoin Block Notifier: A bot that tweets every time a new block has been mined. The data is sourced from Blockchain.com

Core Fee Helper: This bot tweets fee (sat/byte) details on the Bitcoin blockchain. At a glance, this bot provides a summary of the current state of fees on the network.

Bitcoin Merges: Created by Pierre Rochard, a bot that tracks pull requests that are merged into the Bitcoin reference implementation.

Nakamoto Quotes: My personal favorite, the NakamotoQuotes bot tweets quotes from Satoshi Nakamoto. The Satoshi quotes are sourced from the white paper and the Nakamoto Institute quotes library.

BTC Reddit: The Bitcoin reddit bot tweets popular discussions from r/Bitcoin. Unfortunately, crypto reddit has been spammed with useless posts but this bot can be helpful catching the occasional Bitcoin announcements and network developments.

For those interested in subscribing to a Twitter list: Matt Odell has curated a Bitcoin Bot list.

Ping me on twitter @realvivek_ if you have a bot to add to the post.

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